Crawler Excavator SWE365B

Crawler Excavator SWE365B

Bucket Capacity: 1.4-2.3m³
Overall Weight: 35.8t
Rated Power: 202kW/2000rpm

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Bucket Capacity: 1.4-2.3m³
Overall Weight: 35.8t
Rated Power: 202kW/2000rpm


Sunward Excavator Full-Series Upgraded

  • New design for high-intensity、high wear-resistant mining bucket, reducing digging resistant and improve service life
  • Higher reliability than other same tonnage excavator


  • SWE330B is the most typical model in Sunward Mine Mars excavator, excellent hydraulic system than other same tonnage excavator, strong swing system and awesome traveling system, tech-oriented feature of Sunward, extra durable configuration has been added, makes Sunward excavator more reliable than all of same size excavator

High efficient cyclone tubular air filter system

  • Use low resistance cyclone tube air filter which filtering efficiency reach to 99% or above, make pre-filter of air and secondary air filter system to expand the maintainance period in some dusty jobsites like mining, oil field, and desert
  • New generation large flow main valve and high-efficiency hydraulic pump- Increase working efficiency of hydraulic system
  • Strong power, economical, reliable
  • In-line fuel pump system, dramatically improve fuel utilization
  • Comfort, safe, convenient handling
  • Luxury cabin- conform to European standard of FOPS/ROPS



Overall Weight 35.8t
Engine Power 202kW/2000rpm
Engine Brand ISUZU
Standard Bucket Capacity 1.6m³
Max. Digging Depth 7.485m

Max. Traction 307kN
Undercarriage Width 3190mm
Track Height 1070mm
Tumbler Distance 4030mm
Track Length 4945mm
Shoe Width 600mm
Counterweight Clearance 1195 mm
Tail Swing Radius 3390mm
Shipping Length 11175mm
Shipping Width 3190mm
Cab Height 3120mm
Max. Cutting Height 10530mm
Max. Loading Height 7420mm
Max. Digging Depth 7485mm
Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth 6475mm
Max. Digging Reach 11370mm
Max. Digging Reach (Ground) 11170mm
Bucket Digging Force 249kN
Stick Digging Force 177kN
Ground Pressure 63.6kPa
Swing Speed 9.1rpm