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Stehr Binding Agent Spreader SBS

Stehr Binding Agent Spreader SBS

The spreader can be front-mounted and towed.The SBS have Rotary-Vane Technology. Depending on the amount of material to be filled, Stehr have developed different models - SBS 3000, SBS 6000 and SBS10.

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Technical specifications:
• Hydraulically driven rotary vane feeder - self cleaning with plastic segments -delivers exact and uniform dosing of binding agent.
The spreading amount is determined by the driving speed and rpm of the rotary Vane.
• Can be filled using:
- Inlet cover 0.8 x 0.8 m/canvas top (depends on model)
- Free-standing silo or big bags
- Blow-in system with stopcock for silo vehicles.
• Fill-level control: Visual and with electronic sensors ("full" and "empty" indicators)
• Trailer with hydraulically adjustable hitch assembly (DIN norm towing eye) and air-brake system
• No conveyor belt, no worm conveyor, no bridging
• dust filter (option): cleans in-blown air during filling process, filter is easy to clean and service