Port equipment

Material handlers SANY

Material handlers SANY

Rated power: 212kW or 264 kW (depends on model)
Overall Weight:48.4t to 70 t
Torque:1080 Nm/1500 rpm

SANY material handlers with modular design and multifunctional attachments provide you quality products and service that meet your specific business needs.

Wide Working Range


  • The maximum height point of stick can reach 19.3 m
  • The maximum height of handling can reach 16.8 m
  • The maximum horizontal view for operator is 6.2m


  • The maximum horizontal handling point can reach 19.6 m


  • The maximum deep handling point can reach 11.9 m


High Efficiency

  • Turning cycle in one minute can reach 8 times
  • Minimum working cycle can reach 30 seconds


  • The maximum capacity of grab can reach 5 m
  • The efficiency of loading and unloading can reach 520 t/h
  • Can load 13 units 40 ton truck within one hour


  • 10% more Efficiency than competitors.


Low fuel consumption

  • Saving 10% fuel consumption by using Kawasaki positive hydraulic system and Sany DOMCS control system.

Lighter and advancerdesign

  • Advance structure design, lighter and stronger
  • Smart controller can control the engine speed, output according to the real time capacity.