Summer road maintenance equipment

Rabaud collecting sweepers TURBONET A

Rabaud collecting sweepers TURBONET A

Ideal for collecting trash on roads, in municipalities, public works, stock breeding buildings. This sweeper is adaptable onto tractor, telescopic, backhoe loader, front loader.

General characteristics

- 3 sweeping/collecting widths: 1.50m / 2.00m / 2.30m + side brush Ø 700mm in option.

- Adaptable on many carrier vehicles: tractor front or rear 3-point linkage, front loader, telescopic, backhoe loader, loader.

- Works in the forwarding direction.

- Collecting process is done by the top of the machine with an excellent collection rate of 80%.

- Emptying of the box with 2 hydraulic cylinders.

- Brush rings fitted with long mixed fibres for a long-living sweeping unit : Ø inner diameter of brush ring 178mm / Ø outer 600mm.

- Reinforced frame and side mudflaps for an intensive use.

- Serial unattached coupling to follow the road form.

- 4 control wheels swiveling at 360°.

- Easy driving and excellent visibility for the driver.