Stehr-Soil Stabilization Grinder SBF

Stehr-Soil Stabilization Grinder SBF

The unique, energy-saving drive concept makes much more efficient use of the tractor’s power.

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- Used SBF 24 mixers can be modified to fit new dust-free systems

- Professional soil stabilization up to a grinding depth of 60 cm

- Reaches grinding depths of 40 cm using comparatively economical mid-range tractors (150-180 HP)

- SBF 24: rock-crushing rotorteeth with 25 mm shaft

- Low fuel consumption

There are different models depending on the power requirement, grinding width and grinding depth  - SBF 22 L; 24L; 24 the new one 24/2.
As the carrier units are getting ever larger and more powerful, Stehr have reacted: the SBV 24/2 Soil Stabilisation Milling machine - the toughest on the world market -
is designed for input power of up to 600 PS.It is the only bolt-on machine available anywhere in the world that can adjust the milling rotor in depth completely within the enclosed housing.