Wheel loader LW640G

Wheel loader LW640G

Power: 179 kW
Lift capacity: 6000 kg
Standard bucket capacity: 4.0 m3

The wheel loader XCMG, model LW640G has 4.0m3 bucket capacity and 6000 kg lifting capacity. The machine is eqipped with original CUMMINS QSC8.3 6-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection that gives the power needed for the effective operation of the machine.

Engine: Electronic Cummins QSB8.3

Power: 179 kW/240 hp

Standard bucket capacity: 4.0m3

Lift capacity: 6 000 kg

Maximum towing force: 165 KN

Coupling angle: 35 градуса

Min. steering radius: 6 492 mm

Wheelbase: 3 400mm

Ground clearance : 250mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 8 680 x 3 050 x 3 534 mm

Operating weight: 21 t