Wheel loader ZL50G

Wheel loader ZL50G

Power: 164 kW
Lift capacity: 5000 kg
Standard bucket capacity: 3.0 m3

The wheel loader ZL50G is high efficiency, fuel economy machine. The load capacity is 5 t. The wheel loader is standardly equipped with bucket with volume 3 m3 (Optional is bucket with 2.5 or 4.5 volume, depending on the handled material). The lifting capacity of the machine is 5 metric tons. The bucket could be with teeth or a blade.

Diesel engines CUMMINS QSB6.7 are with water cool system, electronic injection, turbo compressor and  "Air to air" type intercooler.  A four-stroke circuit provides longer and effective circulation of the cylinders and more complete fuel combustion. The high engine torque  provides excellent opportunities for  fuel saving and work duration. The operational efficiency increases by pressing the pedal.  Low exhaust emissions and electronic ignition are distinguished for  excellent performance and reliability.

Engine: Cummins QSB6.7

Power: 164 kW/220 кс

Operating weight: 18 t

Bucket capacity: 3,0 m³ ~ 6,0 m³

Lift capacity: 5000 kg

Min. steering radius: 6 400 mm

Max. tilt≥ 28 degrees

Dumping height: 3 090 mm