Asphalt and concrete millers FA-300 and FA-450

Asphalt and concrete millers FA-300 and FA-450

Milling width: 300 mm and 450 mm.
Carrying excavators - from 4 to 12 tons.
Drive - from the hydraulics of the excavator



Purpose of the Hydrog attachment millers:

Milling of asphalt and concrete surfaces, cracks, holes, tracks and performing minor surface repairs.

They are attached to the boom, bucket place of combined excavators, wheeled excavators or crawler excavators.

In many cases, this avoids the need of heavy self-propelled cutters.

Maximum milling depth can be achieved after 2-3 passes.

The effect of milling can be variable - depending on the depth of milling in one movement and according to the type of surface.

Excavator requirements:

  • hydraulic installation of the excavator boom in order to supply the cutter
  • hydraulic oil flow rate 100 ÷ 200 l / min,
  • working pressure 150 ÷ ​​200 bar,
  • recommended excavator weight 4 ÷ 12 t.

Extra equipment:

  • trailer plate - made individually for each type of media,
  • hydraulic hoses and quick connections


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