Motor grader XCMG GR215

Motor grader XCMG GR215

Rated power: 164 kW / 220HP
Operating weight :17 000 kg
Maximum pushing force: 87 kN


Promotional price with ripper: 102 003 EUR WITHOUT VAT

The grader is a universal machine applicable to all your sites. Whether used for construction or repair of roads and highways, for work sites preparation, construction sites or for winter cleaning.


Model: CUMMINS 6CT8.3 –C215 (Original CUMMINS made in the UK)
Type: direct injection, turbo diesel, water cooling
Rated power: 164 kW / 220HP
Rated speed: 2200r / min
Number of cylinders: 6
Engine capacity: 8.3 L
Batteries: 2x12V - 135Ah
Starter: 24V
Alternator: 28V 50A

Make and model: ZF 6WG200
Type: Electro-hydraulic, counter-conductive design with 6 front and 3 rear speeds
Control: One lever
Front speeds: 5,8,11,19,23,38 km / h
Rear speeds: 5.11.13 km / h

Steering system: 4 wheel
BRAKE Type: Wet, multi-disc
Brake system: fully hydraulic 4th wheel brake, hydraulic central brake Parking brake: Electric control, caliper brake, hydraulic cylinder, brake pump and spring reversing are activated by switching on from the control panel

Working pump: Mechanical
Maximum injection frequency 2x50L / r
Maximum working pressure 18 MPa
Control Operated manually

Type: Centralized, fully hydraulic control system with load sensor control 
Pump: Mechanical
Maximum working pressure: 16MPa
Maximum steering angle (front wheels to the machine): ± 50 ° / ± 27 °
Maximum height of the knife above the surface: 460 mm
Maximum depth of the knife when digging: 500 mm
Maximum bevel angle around the shaft: 90 °
Cutting angle: 28 ° ~ 70 °
Turning angle: 360 °
Length x height of distortion: 4270 x 610 mm
External dimensions: 9422 x 2601 x 3430 mm
Operating weight (without ripper and front blade): 17,000 kg
Minimum turning radius: 7.8 m
Maximum pushing force: 87 kN

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