Drilling rigs

Rotary drilling rig XCMG XR240E

Rotary drilling rig XCMG XR240E

Maximum depth: 70 m
Maximum diameter: Ф 2200
Engine power: 265 kW Volvo
Working weight: 82 t

  • Maximum depth: 70 m
  • Maximum diameter: Ф 2200
  • Engine power: 265 kW Volvo
  • Working weight: 82 t

As a multifunctional machine, the XR240E can realize fast switching of functions such as cylinder pressure, winch pressure, oscillator, CFA and dual power head. In this way, the machines meet different construction needs.

The capacity of the rotary drive and the main winch are increased by 20% and the work efficiency is higher

The rotary actuator can be equipped with a torque multiplier (optional).

The torque of the hull drive is up to 360kN-m and the ability of the hull construction is stronger.

The main and auxiliary winches adopt single-layer rope technology.

The service life of the steel rope is 2〜4 times longer than that of the multilayer rope and the price is lower.

The double rotation parallelogram flow mechanism has a large support angle and a 16% increase in support range. The operation is more stable.

The hydraulic system uses negative flow control technology, which has a fast response and good control indicators.

The independent thermostat for high speed and power hydraulic oil is suitable for high temperature construction and can regulate the fan speed according to temperature changes.

The intelligent control system can automatically adjust and display the verticality of the mast, automatic driving and discharge of slag, CFA model automatic lifting of concrete pouring.

The system uses a panel design to prevent malfunction.

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