Summer road maintenance equipment

Stehr Manhole Cutter SKF 950

Stehr Manhole Cutter SKF 950

SKF 950 can be used in construction of new roads; for restoration of pre-cast
units. The System has universal applications with various sizes of cutter heads.

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With the Stehr manhole cutter, 15 shafts can be cut free in only 60 minutes. The assemblies within an entire stretch of road can be cut open while traffic continues to move. We offer cutter heads in sizes from 430 to 1.400 mm. Three different kinds of side grinders can be mounted on the 885 mm cutter head:
• Exterior flat grinders for grinding and removal of upper asphalt layer surrounding the manhole
• Exterior conical grinders to prepare for emplacement of conical shaft frames
• Interior flat grinders for grinding the top of the shaft in cases where the manhole cover protrudes above the road surface.
For use on wheeled excavators; wheeled loaders; Unimogs; Skid-steers and truck loader cranes.

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