1 april 2021

Road widener Hydrog DG-3000 at work on highway "Struma"

one of the road widener machines dg-3000 works at "Struma" HIGHWAYand the other one will start to work very soon at "trakia" highway and then at "Hemus" highway  - three very important bulgarian transport projects. 

The road widener machine, produced by the Polish manufacturer HYDROG model DG-3000 is designed for highly efficient road paving with different fractions, gravel, sand, regenerated asphalt pavements, dry concrete, and hot asphalt. Its productivity is from 6 to 12 km/day, which could be reached with only 3 workers. The road widener has various systems that improve the efficiency and safety of the workplace - a system for compensating the road, a system for soft contact with the dump truck, hydraulic lowering of the bumper. HYDROG DG-3000 is equipped with a powerful Perkins engine, providing efficient operation at high load, as well as low fuel consumption - 3 l / h and easy maintenance. Thanks to the interchangeable connections, the Dg-3000 can be mounted on different carriers. 


You can see full technical parameters of Road widener HYDROG DG-3000 on our website. 
More about the machines, produced by Hydrog, you could see in their Product catalog.