10 september 2018

SANY Excavators available in Bulgaria

Inconsult is a representative of the Chinese company SANY, engaged in the production of road and construction equipment, hydraulic excavators, lifting machines, port machinery and others.
For the seventh consecutive year, Sany is No. 1 in the market share for the sale of excavators in China.
At present, Sany has 25 bases, the nearest one is in Germany, which gives Bulgarian customers the opportunity to test all the models of excavators, as well as a quick response to the need for spare parts.
Sany's mission is to produce machines with "Quality that will change the world".
The company offers a 5 year factory warranty to its customers.
The SY215C and SY335C models available in Bulgaria will be presented at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv. They are made with premium quality components, low fuel consumption and a simple service. The SY215C weighs 23 tons with a bucket capacity of 1.3 m. The SY335C weighs 35 tons, with a bucket capacity of 1.5 m, with high operating speed and is extremely comfortable to handle.
Sany's new series of excavators are characterized by greater digging speed, less energy loss, more spacious and comfortable cabin, greater visibility, automatic air conditioning and vibration-absorbing swabs.