Sturdy sweeper adaptable on tractor rear 3-point linkage, ideal for sweeping farm yards, stock breeding buildings, roads, streets, communities, public works...
2 sweeping widths: 2.10m / 2.40m + side brush Ø 700mm in option

    General characteristics

  • 2 sweeping widths: 2.10m / 2.40m + side brush Ø 700mm in option.
  • Side-shift and angling (hydraulic in option) allowing to push away the trash on the right or on the left.
  • One or two hydraulic motors: ideal for high-flow tractor up to 120L/min.
  • Inserted hydraulic motor(s) in the brush metal hub for a compact transport size and for protection of the motor.
  • Brush support adjustable in height by a simple crank handle.
  • Evolving machine thanks to the 9 possible options: collelcting box, watering unit, side brush, hydraulic side-shift and angling...
  • Constant swinging coupling for following road form.
  • 2 tyre wheels (Ø 400mm) swiveling at 360°.

    Possible options- Side brush Ø 700mm with 3-way valve with reverse system; Hydraulic side-shift 450mm on the right / on the left; Hydraulic angling +/-30°; Collecting box, Watering unit by gravity or under pressure (electric motor), Hydraulic unit + valve, Site signal kit 12V Lighting kit 12V Special painting , Electro-mechanical time meter (valve is compulsory with this option).


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