V type snowploughs

V type snowploughs

Intended for snow removal from roads, yards, sidewalks, alleys, etc.
Mounted to tractors, loaders, cars, lift trucks Multicar etc.
Possible adjustments: “V”, inverted “V”, side left or side right

Moldboard: steel

Overall moldboard length: 2.600 mm or 3.300 mm

Moldboard height: 1100 mm

Steering angle of moldboard do 45°

Clearing width at the 30° turn 2.250 mm or 2.850 mm

Clearing width at the 45° turn 1.830 mm or 2.330 mm

Turning adjustment : hydraulic actuators

Blade: reinforced rubber segments

Security features system oscylacji bocznej

Moldboard with corrosion protection Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.720 x 1.470 x 1.310 mm or 3.420 x 1.620 x 1.310 mm

Weight 570 or kg 880 kg


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