The people, who are working in Ingconsult service teams are trained professionals, who promptly deal with any problem. Most issues, could be solved on the customer site, but when it is necessary, the machine is transported to our nearest service center. Our policy has always been and will be, to provide the most competitive labor and parts prices to our customers.

We maintan constant stock of the most needed replacement parts for normal operation of the machines. Our company makes higher stock maintenance costs, only to be able to reaction on any emergency situation and the machine repair takes minimum time.

Ingconsult Ltd. is an official representativе of the heavy machinery factory XGMA in China. The most popular machinery on the bulgarian market are the wheel loaders XG953, XG953-II, XG958, the graders XG31801, XG31802 and XG32201. We offer all spare parts and overhaul of these machines. 

For inquiries, please send an e-mail: or call:0888 200 238