Bulldozer SHANTUI SD32

Bulldozer SHANTUI SD32

Weight: 37,2 t
Rated power: 257 kW
Blade: 10,0 m3 (Straight)



Rated power: 257kW@2200rpm

Specific fuel consumption: 213 g/ kW h


Type: Planetary gear type, power-shift, forced lubrication

Torque converter: 3-element, 1 stage, 1 phase

Travel speed

Forward gears:

I-st: 0-3,6 km/h

II-nd: 0-6,6 km/h

III-rd: 0 - 11,5 km/h

Reverse gears:

I-st: 0-4,4 km/h

II-nd: 0-7,8 km/h

III-rd: 0 - 13,5 km/h

Hydraulic system

Maximum pressure:14 MPa

Pump type: Gear pump

Discharge: 335 l/min

Undercarriage system

Type: Sprayed beam, suspended structure of equalizer

Carrier rollers: 2 each side

Track rollers: 7 each side

Width of track shoes: 560 mm

Operating weight: 37,2 t

Gradeability: 30 °

Min. ground clearance: 500 mm

Track gauge: 2140 mm


Type: Straight-tilt

Capacity: 10,0 m3

Blade width: 4130 mm

Blade height: 1590 mm

Maximum drop below ground: 560 mm

Type: Angle

Capacity: 6,0 m3

Blade width: 5000 mm

Blade height: 1140 mm

Maximum drop below ground: 630 mm

Type: Semi U-type (SU)

Capacity: 11,9 m3

Blade width: 4130 mm

Blade height: 1710 mm

Maximum drop below ground: 560 mm

Ripper (Optional)

Type: 1 or 3-shank ripper

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