MONTABERT hydraulic breakers

Light breakers

Light breakers

The Montabert Silver Clip is designed to be used on all types of carriers from micro, mini, midi excavators to backhoe loaders. Robustness, power and adaptability are the key features of the Silver Clip product range.


The Silver Clip range has a single-piece body with no tie rods that could potentially stretch or break, resulting in downtime (patented). The breaker has blank fire protection as standard to help minimize impact wear. An automatic pressure regulator increases the lifespan of the breaker and to protect the excavator (patented).


High power and performance: the energy ratio is higher than all current standards on this range of breakers, enabling optimal efficiency regardless of the material to be broken. An energy recovery device captures and recycles the rebound energy, making it available for the next impact stroke.


The Silver Clip is easily adaptable to a wide range of excavators while ensuring optimal performance (even with a high back-pressure). Compact dimensions provide excellent ergonomics and make this breaker ideal for any work. Standard noise isolation on the complete product range ensures reduced noise on job sites.


A compacting plate (Clip Ram) and a Clip Bucket are directly adaptable on the hydraulic breaker without having to modify any hydraulic connection or part (patented) (from SC-8 to SC-28). Easylub greasing (SC-50). Pressurization kit for underwater work.

 Technical parameters  SC-6  SC-8  SC-12  SC-16  SC-22  SC-28   SC-36 SC-42    SC-50
 Carrier Weight (t) 1.5-3.7  1.0-1.7   1.2-2.2   1.5-3.7   2.2-5.3   3.0-7.5   4.0-10.0   4.0-12.0   7.0-12.0
 Weight with top bracket and tool  150 kg  90 kg  110 kg  150 kg  225 kg 275 kg   365 kg  445 kg  498 kg
 Diameter of the tool (mm)  55  45  47 55  65 72 76   84 94 
 Working length of the tool (mm)  335  279  289 335  370  400  400  439  425 
 Input power  10 kW  6 kW  7 kW  10 kW  13 kW  15 kW  21 kW  25 kW  27 kW
 Frequency (blows/min )  1500  1600  1700  1500  1310  1420  1550  1450  1137
 Total length with tool, without top bracket (mm)  1036  897  926  1036  1182  1263  1379  1499  1550
 Oil flow (l/min)  25-50  15-30  17-35  25-50  30-65  40-75  55-100  70-120  75-125
 Working pressure of the breaker  110 bar  120 bar  120 bar  120 bar  120 bar  120 bar  125 bar  125 bar  130 bar
 Acceptable back-pressure  20 bar  35 bar  32 bar  32 bar  32 bar  30 bar  20 bar  20 bar  20 bar
 Clip Bucket  No  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  No  No
 Clip Ram  No  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  No  No


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