Mini excavator SUNWARD SWE18UB

Mini excavator SUNWARD SWE18UB

Bucket Capacity: 0.04 m³
Engine Power: 14.7kW/2200rpm
Operating Weight: 1.88 t
Engine: Yanmar
Hydraulics: KYB Hydraulics


Mini excavator SUNWARD SWE18UB ensuring high reliability and low maintenance costs. It has large space and ability to reach easily and quickly to any part in need of repair. The Yanmar engine is extremely stable and guarantees a long service life. The SUNWARD SWE18UB mini excavator is suitable for work on terrains with narrow and limited space.


Bucket Capacity: 0.04 m³
Engine Power: 14.7 kW/2200rpm
Operating Weight: 1.88 t


  • Strong power system and high reliability - Using imported engine and hydraulic system, stable and durable.
  • Working range - Telescopic crawler, able to walk and work in narrow and confined space range.
  • Easy to maintain - Large maintenance space, convenient for the periodic maintenance of various parts.
  • Delicate and beautiful appearance - Streamlined design, smooth and beautiful appearance


Dimension (L×W×H): 3582 х 990 х 2415 mm
Working Range
Max. Digging Height: 3458 mm
Max. Dumping Height: 2431mm
Max. Digging Depth: 2206 mm
Max. Digging Reach: 3942 mm
Max. digging vertical depth: 1590 mm
Max. Lifting Height of Blade: 216 mm
Max. Digging Depth of Blade: 270 mm
Min. Swing Radius: 1794 mm
Length & width of Blade: 1310*267 mm
Overall Weight Rubber Track: 1.88 t
Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.04m³
Bucket Digging Force: 22.7 kN
Arm Digging Force: 11.24 kN
Maximum traction force: 16.7 kN
Power: 14.7/2200 kW/rpm
Swing Speed: 10 rpm

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