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Paver laying machine Optimas T22

Paver laying machine Optimas T22

The Optimas T22 paver laying machine is the ideal introduction to mechanical paving for everyone who wants to work with new and inexpensive technology! Very easy to use, every machinist will find his way around straight away.

specifications of paver laying machine Optimas T22

  • The machine concentrates on the essentials. It is designed as a work machine and impresses with its excellent price-performance ratio
  • It is robust, easy to maintain and has a user-friendliness that is particularly appreciated by occasional users
  • In contrast to all other paver laying machines, the lifting and lowering function is not carried out with a foot pedal, but with a joystick
  • It is easy to use for every excavator driver etc. It is not necessary for the operator to get used to it
  • The boom has a V shape. This has the advantage that the driver always has a clear view of the landing edge. So he can work easily and precisely
  • Suitable for underground parking (headroom 2.0 m)

technical specifications of paver laying machine Optimas T22

Technical specifications OPTIMAS Т22
Height 2000 mm
Length 3700 mm (without Multi6 gripper), 3900 mm (with Multi6 gripper)
Width 1200 mm
Weight 1100 kg
Engine Diesel engine, 3 cylinders, water-cooled, 14.8 kW (20.1 HP), soundproofed
 More details

Oil cooler; hydrostatic drive with single-pedal control, 2-axle turntable steering, 24 l diesel tank, paint RAL 2004 powder coating, CE mark. Can be used without restriction in environmental zones (less than 19 kW)

attachments to paver laying machine optimas t22 

  • Multi6 paver gripper - part of the standard equipment

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