PLA Highway snowploughs with hydraulic extension

PLA Highway snowploughs with hydraulic extension

These ploughs have a hydraulically folding section that allows you to reduce the width of the snowplough for example, to pass through the gates on the highway or ride on lower category roads.

The innovative folding system of Hydrog PLA-4500 snowploughs allows that the snowplough can work in two positions:

1) Stowed– mouldboard width 3,8 m, snow removal width 3.3 m

2) Spread out – mouldboard width 4,5 m, snow removal width 3,9 m

In stowed position the outer blade is slightly raised so that it does not touch the surface.

After spreading out of the outer blade the mouldbard makes one unified whole and has a smooth surface. That allows to remove the snow in both direction: right and left


Mouldboard width 3,8 m (stowed) / 4,5 m (spread out)
Snow removal width 3,2 m (stowed) / 3,9 m (spread out)
Lifting, turning: hydraulic
Drive:  own electrohydraulic unit
Supports: support wheels with adjustable height
1) reinforced rubber

2) elastomeric

3) composite
Security features: Lateral oscillation system; Protection against corrosion

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