MONTABERT hydraulic breakers

Special Line Breakers

Special Line Breakers

No compromise on quality. Best steel quality is the basis, then comes the high manufacturing accuracy with the main components made in Europe.

Special LINE, a breaker that hits hard...

...using technology which ensures maximized efficiency:
Perfect mastering of machining tolerances that increase the breaker’s efficiency.
The patented main valve controls the piston movement in order to increase the striking power.
The energy recovery system increases the striking power using the energy generated by the piston rebound. This system allows an automatic increase of the breaker’s frequency when used on hard materials (no need for manual adjustments).

Efficiency means hitting hard and fast: Special Line breakers break up all kinds of rocks, even the hardest ones, with maximum power and speed.


… no risks for the hydraulic circuit or the main structure.
The pressure peaks are reduced by the patented design, this prevents damage to pumps and welding cracks due to transmitted stress waves…
The suspension system, in the housing version, extends the excavator boom life by absorbing harmful vibrations (High frequency vibrations can be critical for the excavator boom).

No bad surprises or hidden cost, Special Line breakers operate without damage to the excavator… you save on maintenance costs: your assets are well protected.

Technical parameters XL1000 XL1300 XL1700 XL1900 XL 2600
Carrier weight 11 –17 t 15 - 22 t 18-28 t 22 - 30 t 27-38 t
Weight with upper bracket and tool 980 kg 1285 kg 1660 kg 1900 kg 2670 kg
Tool diameter 106 mm 124 mm 137 mm 142 mm 156 mm
Oil flow 70-120 l/min 90-140 l/min 100-150 l/min 120-180 l/min 150-250 l/min
Input power 34 kW 40 kW 45 kW 54 kW 75 kW
Frequency (blows/min ) 850 700 600 600 500-750
Working pressure of the breaker 170 bars 170 bars 180 bars 180 bars 180 bars
Operating speeds 1 1 1 2, manual 2, manual
Grease station Option Option Option Option Option

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