3 december 2020


On November 24th, Sunward met with the viewers as scheduled after long wait at bauma CHINA 2020! In the event, Sunward demonstrates the prowess of China's construction machinery by displaying 38 innovative products, including basic equipment, excavators, skid steer loaders, rock drilling machinery, hoisting equipment, MEWP in the outdoor booths D76 and D80 with an acreage of 2,680 square meters.

A Glimpse of Sunward’s Latest Innovative Products

In the exhibition, Sunward puts its five categories of new products and equipment on display, namely, excavators, basic equipment, rock drilling machinery, cranes and MEWP.

The whole series of upgraded rotary drilling rigs include the compact model SWDM60S, SWDM160H2, SWDM400V, SWDM600 rotary drilling rigs and SWHG70 hydraulic grabs.



Featured excavators are F-series excavators, SWE60F-1 hydraulic excavators, SWE155F, SWE215F, SWE600F, and super large SWE950 excavators.


The displayed rock drilling products include the SWDE152 integrated down-the-hole drilling, the SWDH102S open-air hydraulic drilling rigs, the Stark-series SWHD220B and SWHD90 hydraulic rock drilling rigs.

Fully integrating the existing products, Sunward manufactured the new generation of SWTC30 telescopic crawler cranes based on its edges in track chassis.

Besides, SWA16J is also exhibited as the latest Sunward’s aerial work platform.


In Sunward’s exhibition area, 5G equipment performance keeps on air nonstop! It fully demonstrates the power of 5G intelligent remote control to the viewers through the actual realization of people in Shanghai remotely controlling the effective construction of equipment in different places. The interactive games in the performance zone also attract many passing viewers to actively participate in the games and win the product models and other gifts before they conclude their first-day exhibition with content.

Exhibition Visiting and Leisure Shopping Brings Comfort and Fresh Experience

Sunward Sunshop, well designed and exquisitely built, brings comfortable experience to the viewers! In the boisterous exhibition, 38 exhibited machines are well placed and the tour route is arranged in an orderly manner. There is also a water bar accessible in the exhibition area for everyone to rest, and in the small shop, viewers can pick the souvenirs to take home to their friends and family who can’t make it to the exhibition.


Plagued by the global pandemic, Sunward Live Stream makes audiences who cannot arrive at the scene can watch the event at home. The professional and eloquent anchors have been with everyone to take a closer look at the Sunward’s high-quality machinery, enjoy 5G equipment performance and win gifts and giveaways.

You can watch the SUNWARD BAUMA videos on their facebook page Sunward Equipment Group.

Here are some interesting videos from their presentation:

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