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Mini Excavator SUNWARD SWE10EU

Mini Excavator SUNWARD SWE10EU

Bucket Capacity: 0.022m³
Engine Power: 7.2kW/2400rpm
Operating Weight: 1.1t

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Bucket Capacity: 0.022m³
Engine Power: 7.2kW/2400rpm
Operating Weight: 1.1t


Strong power system and high reliability

Beautiful appearance
•Using the appearance designed by internationally renowned modeling company, dynamic and fashionable appearance, small vibration noise, and in line with ergonomics.

Working range
•Tailless slewing, able to work in narrow space.


Dimension (L×W×H): 2930 x 750 x 2130 mm
A Max. Digging Height: 3092  mm  
B Max. Loading Height: 2314 mm
C Max. Digging Depth: 1813 mm 
D Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 1430 mm 
E Max. Digging Reach: 3343 mm 
F Max. Digging Reach at Ground Level: 3243 mm 
G Max. Lifting Height of Blade: 225 mm 
H Max. Digging Depth of Blade: 225 mm
R Min. Swing Radius: 1395 mm 

Length & width of Blade: 1000*197 mm 
Overall Weight Rubber Track: 1.1t
Standard Bucket Capacity: 0.022 m³ 
Bucket Digging Force: 9.4 kN 
Stick Digging Force: 5.8 kN 
Max. Traction: 9.4 kN 
Power: 7.2/2400 kW/rpm
Swing Speed: 8.2 rpm  


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