Underground mining equipment

Service parts and consumables

Service parts and consumables

Service parts and consumables

Service parts and consumables


Joy Continuous Miner Crawler Chains

Grouser configurations deliver improved sumping forces and turning performance to drive up production rates
Balanced grouser positioning increases wear life by eliminating high localized contact


Increases machine utilization by reducing maintenance and downtime
Maximizes bit and sleeve life for lower operating costs


Joy Loader Buckets

Our standard and heavy-duty loader buckets withstand the most abrasive conditions while still being economical and low maintenance.
Our use of abrasive-resistant materials for high wear areas means reduced repair times and improved structural strength, resulting in significantly lower repair and operating costs.



Joy Gear Lube

Improved wear characteristics extend life of critical gearboxes
Extended lubricant life can extend change intervals by 200% +




Joy Drill Rods

Compatible with all of the raise drills operating around the world
Designed and manufactured with an emphasis on durability, weight reduction, and serviceability


Joy Raiseboring Accessories

Includes thread protectors, lifting bails, ring gauges, and makeup/breakout tools
Can also engineer and design customized equipment to suit your specific application


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