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Stehr Recycler

Stehr Recycler

The Stehr Recycler converts the excavated earth into a building. Its purpose is to mix the binding agents, to blend, crush, sift and also to recycle the construction waste. Removable breaker blades in different sizes can determine the required grain size.

The Stehr Recycler is the ideal tool for adding binding agents such as lime or cement, and for sifting and blending loose soil from dumpsites. Any excavated soil that can't be incorporated as construction material can be turned into high-quality and easily compactable backfill right on site. The Stehr Recycler is the only equipment of its kind that can crush stones - a function that allows the soil to retain valuable mineral components and the soil is mechanically improved.

Stehr Recycler achieves cost savings (for recovery and transport) and there is no need  for replacement of excavated earth . The Recycler construction has a basket form, it gives the opportunity to dig up the ground with excavator. All excavation as RAP old subbases, stones, rubble, etc., are directly processed on site and a low-cost, environmentally friendly recycled.

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