2 july 2020

SANY port machine experiences robust growth in the US

 SANY Marine Heavy Industry (short as "Sany Marine") dodged the hit caused by COVID-19,and it even saw a 30% year-on-year growth in the US market from January to May, which followed SANY's prompt adjustment on its production strategy during the pandemic.

The efficient resumption of work and production ensured fast delivery and received customers' recognition, which can be traced through the statistics. The sales in March, April, and May respectively increased by 458%, 45%, and 28% compared with its performance last year.

"Our SANY operators get more containers moved per shift compared to our other trucks. With all the safety features already included, we don't have to spend more money to keep our guys safe – SANY already thought of that, " Robert, general manager of Houston Terminal said.

SANY, as a globally influential company, has never stopped its efforts to build localized teams of R&D, production, and sales around the world so as to better serve our customers globally. SANY Marine's remarkable development in the US was the gain of SANY's localization strategy and persistence to quality, and its tiny step forward is meaningful for SANY's international development as an industry-leading brand.

Ingconsult is the official distributor of SANY for Bulgaria.
SANY port equipment is already successfully operating at the Port of Varna.