10 november 2020

Shantui's pure electric and unmanned bulldozers roll off the assembly line

On November 2-4, 2020, the 2020 China Construction Machinery Industry Association Shoveling and Transporting Machinery Branch Annual Meeting with the theme of "Technology Leading, Green and Reliable, Smart Winning the Future" was held in Jining, Shandong. Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., as the co-organizer of this annual meeting, on November 4th, during the conference, the world’s first pure electric bulldozer and the country’s first unmanned bulldozer were unveiled during the conference on November 4. The latest achievement of smart manufacturing transformation!

With the opening of the fourth industrial revolution, "Industry 4.0" with intelligence as its soul and interconnection as its core feature is setting off a huge change in manufacturing revolution and industrial upgrading around the world. As a large-scale national first-class backbone enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, Shantui actively embraces challenges, focuses on "numerical control" and "intelligence", highlights the concept of "intelligence", integrates digital technology into new product introduction, research and development and manufacturing, and accelerates product intelligence Process.

Leading in intelligence, the first domestic unmanned bulldozer

The DH17 C2U bulldozer rolled off the assembly line is a bulldozer suitable for unmanned automatic construction in reciprocating boring, harsh and dangerous working conditions. It has automatic deduction of the work path network platform, selection and matching of multiple working conditions, and supports construction data import Functional advantages such as automatic perception of operation and environment and automatic obstacle avoidance, and the ability to automatically monitor the construction status.


According to reports, the DH17 C2U unmanned bulldozer is equipped with a high-performance on-board computing platform and a Beidou high-precision positioning system. It adopts modular and systematic design and application, and supports 5G intelligent communication to realize the space and space for "cloud + terminal" digital intelligent cluster operation. Time, status and other data jointly serve the construction and lay the foundation for technology and products.

The bulldozer can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, port bulk cargo loading and unloading, and fire fighting operations, so that the operator is in a safe and human environment, avoiding pollution, radiation and danger, improving the working environment of workers, and reducing labor intensity , Thereby greatly improving production efficiency and having significant social benefits.

In fact, before the advent of the DH17 C2U unmanned bulldozer, Shantui had already begun to deploy in the direction of intelligence and unmanned in response to the urgent needs of customers for drones, and invested the entire company in the research and development of intelligent bulldozers. In China, it has successively developed the first domestic unmanned remotely piloted DE17 bulldozer, SD52 unmanned remotely piloted bulldozer and other intelligent products, and implemented construction applications in many projects, which have achieved good market response. In the future, Shantui will form an unmanned and intelligent construction group through unmanned driving products, and finally realize that it will provide customers with integrated intelligent construction solutions through intelligent equipment fleets, and will also make construction easier to solve construction pain points As the goal, to provide customers with more horsepower range and more configuration unmanned bulldozers.

Overcome difficulties and build the world's first pure electric bulldozer

As we all know, construction machinery has always been one of the major pollutant emission sources that cannot be ignored in the field of pollutant emission. At the same time, in some special operating environments, such as closed tunnels, plateau environments, urban operations, and mining operations, traditional construction machinery still has many problems. With the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, no emissions, and diversified energy sources, electric drive technology provides technical support for the structural adjustment of the construction machinery industry and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. It is worth mentioning that at the end of October 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a letter stating that it will jointly issue and implement the "Action Plan for Promoting the Electricity of Vehicles in Public Domains" to accelerate the electricization of construction machinery.



Under the influence of multiple factors, the world's first pure electric bulldozer-Shantui SD17E-X bulldozer came into being, achieving "zero" emissions at the equipment end, green power, energy saving and environmental protection; using a wheel-side direct drive transmission system, application of load Adapt to the control technology, the power output responds quickly, and the overall operating efficiency is increased by more than 10%; the vehicle is equipped with 240 kWh power, equipped with dual-gun quick charging interfaces, and the vehicle can work for 4-5 hours under heavy load conditions and medium and light load conditions. Working for 6-8 hours, compared with traditional fuel equipment, the overall use cost is reduced by more than 60%, and the cost advantage of electric use is clear at a glance!

With the advent of SD17E-X pure electric bulldozer, Shantui will build an internationally leading research and development and test platform for electric drive construction machinery, effectively improve the technical level of my country's electric drive construction machinery, and provide customers with the maximum construction value.


The simultaneous launch of two smart bulldozer products this time is a phased achievement of Shantui's intelligent transformation. In the future, Shantui will continue to implement the product-driven development strategy, transform a series of new products, new technologies, and new achievements into new driving forces for progress, actively embrace the new era, keep in mind social responsibility, and polish up the “Made in China” Shantui brand. Shaping the image of China, taking up the banner of China's "intelligence" in the world construction machinery industry, and becoming the backbone of the national industry to enter the world and participate in world competition.