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Stehr - Compaction wheel SVR

Stehr - Compaction wheel SVR

The problem areas in sewers, around manholes, in pipe gores, on embankments in the event of backfilling etc. can be easily compressed with the SVR.

The Stehr packer wheel leads to the achievement of high compression efficiency, i.e. more m³ compacted at lower costs and with improved compression. The compaction wheel is a purely mechanical device and therefore requires no special hydraulic connections or separate drive system.
It is mounted via the quick-change device or directly onto excavators, wheel loaders, tractors and caterpillars etc.
Stehr compaction wheels use the weight of the carrier, the operating characteristics of the boom and arm movements to generate high compression forces. .

- Cheap and fast compaction with compaction depths up to 1,000 mm
- Up to five times better compression performance compared to plate compactors and trench rollers
- Pipeline trenches, problem areas, embankments, backfill can be compacted easily
- Greater safety security, no operators in the trench during the compression process
- No vibration

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