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Stehr wheel saw trench cutter SGF 800/ SGF1300

Stehr wheel saw trench cutter SGF 800/ SGF1300

Stehr SGF are the most effective and economical attached equipment for digging canals, with a depth to 1300 mm. and a width of 350 mm.

Renewable energy from wind and sun is becoming increasingly important in the whole world. More and more countries are developing this sustainable and climate-friendly energy supplier and cables need to be installed if these systems are to be connected to existing power systems.

The fastest and most economical method is to incorporate these into the ground.
The Stehr trench cutter wheel is mechanically driven by the PTO. For this purpose, power of 80 kW in the smaller version (the SGF 800) is required. The carrier should have power of approx. 150 kW. An infinitely variable drive is required. The cutting width is 300 mm and the depth 950 mm. The cutting wheel is equipped with a carbide-tipped round shank pick and it can therefore also be used in rocky soils.

The larger version (SGF 1300) achieves a cutting depth of 1300 mm and a width of 350 mm. To achieve this, a tractor with at least 200 kW propulsion power is required.


- More economical than a self-propelled cutter in this category
- Exact trench walls
- Less wear and tear than with a cutting chain
- Round shaft pick, same system as asphalt cutter
- On request with conveyor belt


- Cutting depth:- 900 mm or 1300 mm (depending on version)
- Cutting width- 300 mm or 350 mm (depending on version)
- Drive: mechanically via PTO
- Weight-  2,675 kg. or 4,380 kg. (depending on version)
- Carrier performance- 150hp or 250hp (depending on version)


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