Cold recycling and stabilization

Stehr SBF Dust-Free Soil Stabilization System

Stehr SBF Dust-Free Soil Stabilization System

Dust-Free Spreading, Grinding and wetting in one process

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The enclosed combination of the Stehr SBF 24 soil stabilization grinder and the SBS bonding agent spreader solves one of the biggest
problems in soil stabilization work: When used as bonding agents, lime and cement are very effective, but also relatively harsh and caustic. This makes it almost impossible to stabilize soil near residential areas, traffic, parked cars and airports, especially in windy weather.

The Solution: Stehr SBF Dust – Free - This equipment combination spreads and mixes the bonding agent into the soil without creating any dust. Via an on-board computer developed specifically for the purpose the quantities of bonding agent and water can be introduced and documented exactly.

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