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Stehr SBV - Plate Compactors

Stehr SBV - Plate Compactors

The high compaction performance and versatility in confined construction sites make Stehr-Plate compactors on extremely attractive alternative to 6 – 8 ton rollers. Its gear’s two opposite exciter shafts produce a perfect synchronization, ensuring that the impact force is delivered 100 % vertically into the material being compacted.

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Stehr was first to develop a combination plate compactor and road roller to solve the worldwide problem of compacting loose or granular materials. With Stehr, there’s no needto make repetitive (and expensive) passes over the material. You’ll often exceed the values you need with just one pass.

 A patented quick coupler is used to mount, dismount and lift this attachment on road rollers and Unimog vehicles. A standardized system allows the plate compactors to be attached to a wide range of equipment including wheeled loaders, rollers, excavators, Unimogs, tractors, graders and railway machinery.

Stehr has developed a vibrating plate compactor for attachment to road rollers.Thanks to its combined roller and plate configuration, it puts several complex steps together into one machine and does them all in one single run.


- A completely vertical compaction line using two counteraction eccentric shafts, this means that the force is applied 100 % vertically into the ground.

- The roller operates at low frequency and high amplitude (30 Hz), while the plate compactors work at high frequency (60Hz) and low amplitude. 

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